Info for new pin makers

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Info for new pin makers

Almost every day I get asked for my manufacturer's information or I get asked for information on how to start a pin making business. I have A LOT of thoughts and feelings about this but for now, I'm going to jump right into HOW to start making pins.

1. Submit an RFQ (Request For Quotation) on Alibaba

2. You're done. Congratulations now you have a manufacturer or about 50 depending on how many factories reply to you. 

I am not a business consultant and don't feel comfortable handing out business advice. This is as far as I am willing to help! I still have a lot of learning to do myself and I'm just one person trying to run my own business so I hope you'll understand.

The pin community is maker eat maker right now. It's highly oversaturated. You have to be willing to put A LOT into it in order to get anything out of it and there will be a lot of sweat and tears but hopefully no blood. ;) 


I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

- Katie 

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