What makes a relationship great?

I know what I want. I have been searching for it tirelessly. What I want above all else is to find and nurture a deep romantic connection with a partner. I want someone to look past my surface imperfections, because they're a person of meaningful inner substance and not superficial facades. Just like me, just like I have always been. 

I need someone to share my life with. I need love and a deep connection and I need affection and sex as a way to express them. 

I want my partner and I to love each other so completely that others speak of our love as a bar for their own relationship. We should love with everything we have and be the example we wish to see in others. Who doesn't love the story of the couple that's disgustingly into each other 20 years on? It's my goal, my greatest wish. I know I have the capacity for such greatness. I just need to find someone that has the same capacity, someone to connect with, so together we can be great.