Letting my crazy hang out

I had some past blog posts visible on here, but then I shared my website with a potential date, so I hid all of the entries.

That isn't fair. I should have just let him see my struggles.. my mental health doesn't make me a terrible partner. I'm motivated by relationships. I think they help give me that steady supply of dopamine I'm so desperately lacking. That's why I think break-ups are hard for me, why I think I have a hard time fully letting go. I can be happy for the other person, but miss some intangible thing about them for a stupid sad amount of time. 

So I've republished those specific entries again, messing up the dates they were actually published. Now to the untrained eye it would seem I had several breakdowns during the course of a single day, while this isn't unheard of I'm actually doing ok right now. I need you to know that I'm ok. Don't have me commited, please and thanks!