Some thoughts

There's a calm center in chaos. The eye of the storm... Fear in fortitude.. gray areas. 
Falling in love with someone when they're in a complicated and challenging situation, when they're making mistakes, imperfect, struggling, depressed, or their lives are otherwise flawed in some significant way and to accept their struggles and to love them.. that means something.  Possibly something more than falling in love with someone whose life is in perfect order.
I understand that life isn't all roses. It hasn't been for me. I've been through immeasurable suffering and hardship. In some way damn near my whole life has been a struggle. I've learned to deal by moving forward through the darkness one step at a time. It doesn't blind me anymore because my eyes have adjusted. But through it all, the endless amount of twisted bullshit that I've faced head-on I'm still capable of being afraid.