You dream of me and I'll dream of you

On rare occasion I daydream about you. Usually, this happens out of the blue when I'm feeling lonely. I'll be sitting in the silence of my office focusing on a simple task like winding a bobbin or painting and in my head I'll imagine you're there beside me listening as I instruct you on how to help me. Sometimes it's as though I'm seeing both of us from someone else's perspective and sometimes I'm me and I'm looking at you, and I'm just barely remembering your face, but you look happy, and you're content as you take an interest in my work. You'll make little jokes and I'll smile, but not really because it's all in my head. When I remember you and place you in the present with me, even for just a moment I don't feel so alone.

My grandmother's parents sent their children to a hygiene camp so they would learn how to take care of their health and appearance. At the end of the day they would form a circle and sing this song before returning home:

Now go along home
And jump into bed
Say your prayers
And cover your head
This very same thing 
I say unto you
You dream of me
And I'll dream of you

Every single night before bed my grandmother would say to me, "You dream of me, and I'll dream of you."