Blue Carousel and/or Matching Earrings

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Carousel top measures just under 2" wide. Measuring from tip of horse's tail to the tip of the rabbit's nose is about 2.5" wide. 

♥ Blue glitter accents
♥ Hard enamel
♥ 2 pin posts per pin
♥ Gold plating
♥ 3 attached dangling animals

Earrings come in a matching horse set, matching swan set, or mismatching horse and swan earring set (the Mismatched set is 1 of each: 1 swan and one horse earring!).

♥ Gold plating
♥ Gold fish-hook style top
♥ 1 "set" is 2 earrings.
♥ Measures about 1.75 inches from *top* of fish hook earring. Dangly part is 1" tall.




The model in the photo is my 8-year-old daughter. 


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